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Kiev restaurants and fine dining in a great Ukrainian capital of Kiev.  Restaurants in Kiev are very fantastic and are some of the nicest in the world.  Please come to Kiev is here fantastic restaurants and cafés you be amazed by the wonderful food dining and cuisine that is available in Kiev Ukraine
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Restaurant in Kiev Planet Sushi

Planeta Sushi Restaurant Kiev Ukraine


Planeta Sushi is a great sushi restaurant conveniently located on the main street Kreschatik only 100 yards from the main square Independence Square.

It's well known that during the work day, the Japanese commit themselves totally to their company. After hours, they shed the burden of corporate rules and regulations, and head for the numerous yakitorias, sushi bars, izakayas, and other Japanese, Korean, and Chinese restaurants throughout Japan. Now the residents of St. Petersburg can kick back and relax in sushi bars after a hard day's work. Planet Sushi is an excellent alternative to expensive Japanese cuisine restaurants, with top-level service and high quality Japanese dishes.

Our menu specialty is, naturally, sushi: we offer more than 50 kinds. We prepare it using the best quality and freshest fish from Japan and France. Planet Sushi can also quench your thirst with delicious green tea, genuine Japanese beer, plum wine, and sake. We'll also teach you the art of eating with Chop Sticks, the subtleties of sashimi, and the meaning of many Japanese words.

Our restaurant interiors are usually based on traditional Japanese style. For something different, check out our Planet Sushi restaurants on Leningradsky Prospekt and Ulitsa Narodnogo Opolcheniya, where we've combined the principles of modern design with traditional Japanese elements.              

Restaurant Planata Sushi located on independence square.  I would highly recommend this sushi restaurant.  It is also very conveniently located on the main Street Kreschatik and has a very nice outside Café in the warm summer months in Kiev

Learn how to use Chop Sticks

Most lovers of Japanese cuisine have already mastered the art of using chop sticks, but only a few have become familiar with all the intricacies of the etiquette of the Country of the Rising Sun. Here is some advice, which may come in useful should you be invited to a Japanese ceremonial reception.

  • When you are not using your chop sticks, place them with the sharp ends facing to the left.
  • It is not customary to use your sticks to drum on a cup or bowl in order to attract somebody's attention.
  • Do not plant your chop sticks in food, least of all in rice; it is considered bad form.
  • Do not use your chop sticks to harpoon food, with the exception of yakitori, which is grilled chicken speared on thin wooden spits.
  • If you want to pass food to another person, do not use your chop sticks to feed him or her; just put the food into their bowl.
  • Do not place your chop sticks across you bowl; use the special-purpose support. 
  • It is improper to lick your chop sticks (or your fork).
  • It is considered rude to point at something or somebody with your chop sticks, or to wave them in the air.
  • It is not acceptable to use your sticks to "draw" on the table. Chop sticks are meant for eating only; drawing and pen craft should be practiced using brushes.
  • And finally, try not to make a fist around your chop sticks. The Japanese see this as a threat.


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